What I love to do!


All jewelry are a mix of refurbished old and new vintage and retro chains, parts, dismantled broken odd rosaries, beads, and whatever else I have on hand that form into one-of-a-kind creations.

The variety of creations can range from: Victorian, Fantasy, Themed, Art Nuevo, Wedding, Steampunk, Gothic, Mystic, and Eclectic.

Because each one of a kind render stresses special care and time, only a few creations come into being each month.

Commissioned Keepsake and/or Themed Creations are compiled from pieces of unused articles, be it from jewelry pieces or such items that can be made into jewelry pieces that came from special individual(s) or place(s).

They can include items like earrings, brooches, cuff-links, tie-clips, buttons, old chains from purses, shoe clips, or even broken pottery, stone, documents, letters, art, as well as any usual findings you or I may have on hand (earrings, chains, charms and beads). The only limit is your imagination.

Such keepsake jewelry ideas can be formulated for weddings, special landmark celebrations, and family heritage/reunion keepsakes, to name a few.


Ambur works with different mediums, from graphite, water color, to electronically rendered art.

At present she renders fantasy themed cards, stationary, prints, divination deck, and inspirational quotes.

**Fanciful Floral creations**

each strip of paper is individually water-colored before handmade petals are cut and formed to create each flower for singular hair-clips, boutonnieres, and hair garlands for weddings, special occasions, or personal keepsakes

Fantasy and Victorian Jewelry and Art

Welcome to a world where Fairy's, Mermaids, and Goddesses spin fables with jewels, and draw enchanted visions into colorful works of art. Your visit must mean you've heard the sirens call to this magical place where every piece of artful jewelry has reason for being, and every drawing holds meaning for the soul. Thanks for your visit, Ambur Rose...